Friday, 19 August 2016

Atumn Exhibition In Mashiko

The autumn exhibition will focus on the statues of Wagner Nandor. The accompanying exhibition in the Pentagon Gallery will show the art pieces of Mr. Takehiko Kikuchi painter. He was born in Ashikaga, Tochigi-Prefecture and at present he is professor at Tama University of Arts. It will open on 15th of October and last day of the exhibition is 15th of November. On all Mondays are closed for visitors.
The poster of the exhibition

Location: Mashiko, Mashiko, Haga District, Tochigi Prefecture 321-4217, Japán

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Paul Nagy: Une francophonie millénaire

Paul Nagy has been living in Paris since 1956. He had been researching at French libraries for ten years in order to collect correspondences and texts of Hungarian royals and famous ones written in French to royals, politicians, high ranking military officers, artists, writers, institutions, friends and so on. That unique collection has been published in French titled "Une francophonie millénaire" by Honoré Champion publisher. The anthology covers the period from sixteenth century to early twentieth century. The book was published with the support of our foundation.

First volume

Paul Nagy writer, translator of literary and poetic works. He and Tibor Papp founded magazine Magyar Műhely in 1962 and sister magazine L'Atelier in 1972 respectively. His second anthology covering the texts of twentieth century writings and correspondences already has been in preparation.

Monday, 25 April 2016

11th Nándor Wagner Prize

Presentation of Nandor Wagner Prizes on 20th of April was one of the events of the University Days at Partium Christian University in Oradea (Nagyvarad), Romania.

The topic for the competition was to design a medal to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Sulyok István high school and 15th anniversary of the foundation Partium Christian University. All competing pieces were exhibited at the newly opened Gallery of Art Department.

  1. Mr. Arnold Lungu 
  2. Ms. Kincső Kónya, Mr. Lehel Tóth and Mr. Attila Bende 
  • Ms. Dorottya Bodnár 
  • Mr. Botond Csiby-Gindele 
  • Ms. Ramóna Kovács 
1st prize Mr. Arnold Lungu 

2nd prizes 
Mr. Attila Bende 
Ms. Kincső Kónya 
Mr. Lehel Tóth 

More Recognized Works
Ms. Ildikó Balázs 
Ms. Dorottya Bodnár
Mr. Botond Csiby-Gindele
Ms. Ramóna Kovács

The winners, acknowledged ones and their teacher Mr. Előd Izsák

This event was crowned by Mr. Vilmos Meleg actor who recited poems of Csokonai Vitéz MihályHorváth Imre and Babits Mihály. He just celebrated his 60th birthday and was decorated by the Hungarian Knowledge - Hungarian Mastery award. The medal and certificate of merit was presented by Mr. István Pintér president of the Foundation of the Partium Christian University.

Mr. Pintér, the Meleg couple and the reporter of Bihari Napló daily newspaper.

The home page of the university.

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spring Exhibition in Mashiko with Lotus Lectures

2016 spring exhibition combines Wagner Nandor's art pieces showing dancers and lotus the praised plant of East. It is a new initiative that art and history, taking care of lotus will be combined. The lotus expert of Utsunomiya Mr. Yōzō Innami will give a series of lectures. The exhibition will open from 15th of April and visitors can enjoy it until 15th of May.

Poster of the Exhibition with terracotta figurine of famous dancer Han Takehara 

The lotus which woke up after 460 years later.
A group of enthusiastic lotus lovers headed by Mr. Innami unearthed 80 seeds by research excavation from the old Lotus pond (hasuike) of Utsunomiya castle which was filled in centuries ago. Utsunomiya Castle Old Hasuike Revival Exploratory Committee made a fruitful harvest by picking the seeds from the enormous volume of old clay. It was possible to make bloom first flower by Mr. Innami who is passionate collector of lotus. He succeeded to germinate some seeds and brought them up to flowering plant after 3 years. It's revealed that the lotus which bloomed is 1550-1850 time actually by dating by radiation. The lotus was named after him as Inami lotus.
Mr. Innami posing with flowering lotus named after him.

The flower
The front page of Newsletter of Utsunomiya Lotus Club showing the genetic heritage of Innami lotus and poster of Mashiko spring exhibition
Mr. Innami presented a white lotus to Mr. Nandor Wagner many years ago. 
It brings flowers since then.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Dear Readers with
Season's Best Greetings 
we wish you

good health, happiness and success 
for the New Year!

Autumn in Mashiko.
Entrance of Wagner Nandor Foundation.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Atumn Exhibition In Mashiko

The coming exhibition will focus on the storage of Wagner Nandor's models on display in the basement of his Art Gallery. The accompanying exhibition in the Pentagon Gallery will show the art pieces of Ms. Yoko Ugachi, who is a wooden sculptor. Her favorite theme is the motherhood.
Poster of the Atumn Exhibition  
Sculptor Ugachi in action
more about her in Japanese:

Friday, 29 May 2015

Motherhood Project

Please be invited to unveiling ceremony of Motherhood statue 
Time: 11:00 on Friday, 5th of June, 2015
Place: Miskolc, Szigethy Mihály út 8.
Program (45 minutes):
  • Welcome
  • Opening speech by dr. Ákos Kriza Mayor of Miskolc
  • Greeting speech by H.E. Junichi Kosuge Ambassador of Japan 
  • “Motherhood” statue by Tibor Wehner art historian
  • Short program presented by the students of the school including a 5 minute video about Nándor Wagner and his art showing love for mothers
  • Presenting the statue to the school by Ms. Chiyo Wagner, founding President of Academia Humana Foundation, honorary President of Wagner Nándor Memorial Foundation in Japan 
  • Unveiling ceremony 
  • Thanks and appreciation by Ms. Antónia Orsolya Zsúdel director of the school 
Background. Several outstanding statues had been sculpted by Nándor Wagner in his Budapest atelier at Castle Bazar (Várbazár) between 1951 and 1956. According to documents held in the archive of the Advisory Office for Fine Arts, he was awarded a contract in winter 1955 to carve a limestone sculpture with the title Motherhood or Nursing Mother. The plaster model of the statue, which was to be erected in the garden of the Budapest-Albertfalva crèche, was ready by summer of 1956. The contract was signed with the artist on 14th September 1956 to implement the sculpture. Soon the Hungarian Revolution gave a short freedom to citizens of Hungary. Durning the twelve days of Revolution, Nándor Wagner was elected a member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Hungarian Association of Artists. When the Revolution had fallen and the wave of arrests had started Nándor Wagner had to flee from Hungary with his family. After a brief stay in Vienna they left for Sweden. History was to foil the implementation of similar plans, including statue Motherhood. However it was not clear for a good period of time what was the fate of the statue? 
This is the only photo we found.
Motherhood plaster model placed in the background with Attila József the poet.

Saving the statue. To Nándor Wagner’s luck, his semi finished works and finished ones from his atelier had been saved by his museum friends after he left Hungary and had been deposited in a storeroom of the King Saint Stephen Museum of Székesfehérvár which alas to say later suffered several flooding. For a long period it was believed that his saved art pieces went by the board, but in 2009 almost 50 items were found among them the plaster model of Motherhood.

At that time we have decided to save the statue by carving it into stone and presenting it to a healthcare educational institute. Székesfehérvár commemorated Saint Stephen the first Hungarian king in the year 2013. On this occasion chamber exhibition titled "Wagner statue-artifact in Székesfehérvár" at King Saint Stephen Museum has been organized to show a bit of history related to art and activity for the city by Nándor Wagner. The exhibition was a great success. A visitor informed us that she knew the lost statue which had been placed silently, with no publicity at all on the premises of Albertfalva kindergarten, which is now the Down syndrome day-boarding facility, a closed institute. We have inspected that statue, and as its condition has been deteriorated much over 50+ years we made a decision to go ahead with the project in 2014.

Presentation of the statue
Ferenczi Sándor Healthcare Vocational School in Miskolc was selected from the nominated ones to be presented by Nándor Wagner’s work the nursing mother. School has no large artwork at her premises.

Ferenczi Sándor Healthcare Vocational School
It was established in 1957 and since then had been developed continuously. Their curriculum includes all clinics and hospital nursing. Quite a few reforms were implemented in 1975, 1977 and 1990 respectively. The school was participating at several competitions and tenders and won support from PHARE, EU educational health funds and Hungarian government funds as well. They joined Leonardo da Vinci program collaborating and exchanging experimental and mobility knowledge with 6-8 EU countries since 1997. The school was growing and by integration had to operate a second teaching unit. They won the bronze medal of the For Outstanding Quality Public Education movement in 2002. After five year period being in unsatisfactory school conditions the new building was opened in February 2007. The new school building complex was designed by Csaba Bodonyi DLA an internationally renowned architect. Now they are following HEFOP-3.1.2. the Competence Based Education, a Hungarian government organized operative development programme. The school is the largest of its kind in the Eastern Hungarian region and has one thousand students. We do hope they will like the statue Motherhood.